"They are very clean, each night they cleaned up. They did very nice work, & the workers were very nice to work with. The job was 100% done right."
~Ken D. in San Ramon, CA

"I've only worked with them once so far, and then we plan to use them again. They are aware of our budget and work with within our means."
~Heather T.

"As the job progressed, she ensured everything went smoothly. During our remodel, our house flooded while we were away. Heidi and her crew were at the house during the weekend to fix it and brought it in professional to help replace our sump pump. She made sure the house was fixed and cleaned despite this not being part of the job. This is just one example of how Heidi goes above and beyond for her clients.

If there is one thing that I learned about Heidi, it's that she cares about her clients' homes. Heidi is extremely trustworthy. I gave her the keys to my house for two weeks while my husband and I were in Southeast Asia. We were stunned on the progress she had made and how she was able to transform our house into a home. While getting to know her, she had shown me photos of her home, and it was immaculate and beautiful just like her construction projects. It's obvious that she practices what she preaches!"
~Noelle Dear

They were efficient and conscientious in their work efforts and their management of my remodel. I am quite sure without Heidi’s leadership and training of her employees the project would not have been completed within my time line or at all. I cannot emphasize more what a godsend Heidi and her team was in this remodel. Heidi was able to manage my project and several others simultaneously and assure that they progressed without delay. She is kind and thoughtful and very competent in a challenging work environment".
~Bonnie Wood

Beyond the amazing job Heidi and team did on our home renovation, Heidi is truly a generous and kind person. She puts friends, clients, employees and family first and is always willing to lend a helping hand and ear. We’ve stayed in touch with Heidi and her crew and will always consider them friends".
~Katie Vandermause